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Rubber Compatible EVA Bags

Rubber compatible EVA bags are specialty grade polymer bags most suitable to use when the manufacturer needs to add solid or liquid chemicals into the rubber during its processing in banbury and kneaders. The special grade polymer used for the production of these bags is highly compatible with rubber and blends well with rubber at normal processing temperatures. The high compatibility, thus, allows for the direct addition of the chemicals included in the bags into the rubber processing systems along with the bags which mix with rubber.
Why Rubber Compatible EVA Bags Are More Suitable?
The bags, unlike polyethylene bags, form a highly compatible blend with rubber during the addition of chemicals;
Since rubber compatible EVA bags—with melting temperatures of 88°C.-90°C.—open up only in the high temperature region of the banbury or kneaders, this characteristic helps reduce the cycle time during the processing of rubber;
The bags allow for exact dosing of the solid and liquid chemicals into the rubber compounding systems as compared to the conventional systems of dosing of the chemicals. The exact dosing of the chemicals leads to a consistent batch of material;
The bags help reduce the fly loss of the chemicals into the atmosphere, thereby providing better work environment for employees. The rubber compatible EVA bags bring about an environmentally friendly and cost effective production system, as a result.
Our Offerings of Rubber Compatible EVA Bags:
Our company can customize the rubber compatible EVA bags to best meet your requirements. The following are what can be made to your specific needs:
Thickness: It ranges from 30 to 100 microns.
Size: It ranges from 10" to 25".
Color: It is dependent upon your desire.

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